Saturday, August 2, 2008

Twitter, Twitpic and

I was invited by Vijay to join today. He sent me an email invite and twitted that I should subscribe to it so that I could send in video updates when I go cycling... LOL. I think it is a great idea!

The first time when KC introduced me to twitting about 2 years ago (2006 I think), I was not keen, and it did not catch on with me. I only started twitting heavily when I started blogging and when Twitterfox was released. Now I could easily twit from my Firefox browser and it just fit right in.

Later, I found Twitpic (a Twitter mash-up) and started photo twitting. And now video is mashed-up with Twitter as well. I am pretty sure, I will be sending more than my 12 seconds worth... LOL. You can check out my first 12 seconds here.

In any case, while I blog about this, I could not help it but think about the potential and possibilities of a project I had been working on back in 2006. The project was called Kamicast (the domain has since expired... :-) now it's running on a different domain hosted by Google webpages).

I submitted Kamicast to a Malaysian Government grant contest and I won RM50k to bring the idea into reality. Initially, Kamicast was meant to be a web-based platform, but the grant was only for mobile phone related ideas. So I had to tailor the project to suit the mobile platform.

The winners of the RM50k grant. I am the very happy guy standing second from the right... :-) So happy... LOL.

The Kamicast video showing how it worked, that was submitted after the delivery of the final project milestone.

Anyway, Kamicast reminds me very much of the current mash-up of Twitter, Twitpic and Very cool!

If anyone is interested in getting Kamicast up, feel free to let me know... LOL.

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