Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cool AnswerTips from

My company will be going for our annual trip and this time the destination is Hanoi. Someone mentioned that we should consider Ho Chi Minh City as an alternative destination and so I decided to do some research.

I googled for "compare Hanoi versus Ho Chi Minh City" and received 100,000 plus of results. I was reading this blog post, "Comparing Hanoi with Ho Chi Minh (well sort of)," when I accidentally double-click on a word in the post with my mouse. To my surprise, a pop-up appears and provided me with the meaning and related references to that particular word!

This service is provided by AnswerTips from I think this is a great service and that all bloggers should have this in their blogs. Basically, what AnswerTips do is that it provides definitions, translations, Geography information, weather, maps, time, etc. depending on the context of the word you selected.

I have subscribed this blog to the AnswerTip service. Here... double-click on this word: Hanoi, and you will know what I mean. Here is another word, Bangi (that's where I currently reside). (For some reason, the tip does not show up on the main page. You have to go into the article to see it in action.)

A must-have tool for any sites!

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