Saturday, July 12, 2008

Gorillapod Knock-offs

I received an email from the Wildgeeks Group on June 17 regarding Gorillapod ("a go anywhere and do everything tripod for the camera"). A friend was advising another to get it so that he can attached his Olympus camera to his mountain bike to shoot video while he rides.

The Gorillapod has designs that cater to different camera sizes. The price ranged anywhere from USD 21.95 to USD 54.95 depending on your needs and requirements.

I checked out the website of Gorillapod and I thought, "Yeah cool," and that was that.

But today, while I was in a hardware shop looking for a mouse trap, I came across two knock-0ff versions of the Gorillapod. It is packaged and called simply as "Camera Tripod". Check it out below:

The RM15.90 version. When I held it up in my hand and tried adjusting the legs, one of the legs "broke" or rather came loose. But I managed to join it back... :-)

This is the RM29.90 version. It felt sturdy and solid as I held it.

I tried placing the legs in different positions to see how it stood up.

Here another more radical positioning of the legs. Felt sturdy when I placed my hand on top of it.

Another configuration of the legs. The rubber-like compound at the feet of the legs, make the tripod slip-proof. I tried pushing it, surprisingly difficult.

So where do I buy the original Gorillapod?
But I want to get the knock-offs. Where can I get them?
If you guys managed to buy one of those knock-offs, let me know how it pan out... :-) Thanks.